Tomo means "friend". Share it with yours.
Hand crafted in small batches for the perfect texture - not too sticky and not too hard.
Taste for yourself why we are a three time Gold winner for Top Artisan Toffee.

Shipping is available October through May. Please contact us for a quote.

Free Delivery Available
FREE delivery with purchases over $30 to Dublin, San Ramon and Danville. $5 delivery charge for purchases less than $30. Additional delivery costs depending on location.
"I never really liked toffee. That is until I had Gina's Toffee. Oh my goodness!! Perfect balance of sweetness, crunchiness, and richness. I had to stop myself from eating it all in one sitting. I lied. I ate it all in one sitting." ~Linda Y., Seattle, WA
"Tomo Toffee Milk Chocolate was to me quintessential toffee made with fresh, quality ingredients." ~International Chocolate Judge
"Best. Toffee. Ever. Gina's toffee is sooo delicious! I really have to hold myself back from eating the entire bag. Beautifully packaged and very well-priced." ~Yvonne H., Irvine, CA 
"I'm eating the whole bag. Super addicting. My boys love it too." ~Sharon L., Palos Verdes, CA
"Dangerously addicting. I told myself, 'Just one piece.' The next thing I knew, I was eating a 2nd piece...then the 3rd piece, the 4th..then I lost count. I justified my toffee buffet by skipping dinner. Lol!" ~Tiffany F., Philadelphia, PA